Integrated Solutions

Climate change is altering the landscape – not just our physical world, but also the legislative and regulatory environment that businesses must navigate to move projects from concept to completion. Climate change has underscored the interconnectivity of things, and created new challenges to getting projects with potential environmental impacts approved and implemented.


Integrated Natural Resources Management, LLC (INRM) has the multi-disciplinary expertise and coalition-building experience necessary to anticipate the issues likely to affect a project, plan for their eventuality, and develop relationships to overcome obstacles that could otherwise cause significant delays or cost overruns. We understand why air boards have an interest in water conveyance, that water boards care about pesticide applications, and how the Endangered Species Act hangs over just about everything. INRM develops innovative strategies and integrated solutions that keep projects moving.


Integrated, Coordinated and Streamlined


INRM leverages its multi-disciplinary expertise
to help clients:

  • Avoid Conflicts
    We engage stakeholders early to pave the way for smooth project implementation.
  • Increase Flexibility
    INRM anticipates change so our clients can adapt efficiently.
  • Improve Public Perception
    We work with NGOs and agencies to garner support for the project’s positive outcomes.
  • Save Money
    Our integrated approach can reduce legal fees and lower costs in the short term and long run.
  • Expedite Project Completion
    Integrated planning can eliminate surprise delays and keep projects on schedule.

INRM employs a systematic approach that considers at the beginning of a project the environmental, social, economic and political factors that may influence its design and implementation. We evaluate how one aspect of a project might interact with another as well as how each dovetails with various agency objectives and NGO initiatives. INRM’s unique perspective allows us to develop win-win solutions for all parties involved. INRM identifies early in the process opportunities for innovation and mutually beneficial partnerships. We address multiple concerns with an integrated philosophy, and:

  • Develop integrated strategic and tactical plans
    that streamline project design, development,
    implementation and maintenance
  • Initiate and facilitate ongoing dialogue with
    critical government, NGO and private entities
    that may influence a project’s success
  • Ensure accountability and transparency to
    maintain strong, ongoing partnerships
  • Prepare clients to adapt to environmental,
    social and political change and see projects
    through to fruition