Water Supply

iStock_000004581661_SmallINRM leadership has formerly represented the world’s largest association of public water agencies before the U.S. EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the CA Water Resources Control Board. We have advanced policy positions for water supply reliability and ecosystem sustainability, negotiated lower client permitting fees, and even helped state regulators automate reporting processes.

With a deep understanding of water-related issues, experience negotiating with nearly every water-related regulatory entity in California and a track record of lowering costs, INRM can provide the leadership necessary to advance projects with potential water quality or delivery impacts through complicated legal mazes to accelerate successful implementation.


Addressing Water Quality and Supply Challenges

iStock_000016200156_SmallINRM leadership has repeatedly developed win-win solutions to save clients money and help regulatory entities achieve their goals. We can help navigate the complex web of rules and regulations that often cause project delays and unexpected costs, and streamline implementation of projects that conserve water resources, improve water supply reliability and support healthy ecosystem performance.

We have hands-on experience helping craft and interpret regulations that dictate waterquality standards that apply to more than 90 percent of the water used by California’s agriculture, industry and residents. Our experts have testified before the U.S. Senate and House committees on natural resources, and have the technical prowess to help craft water quality policies and regulations that meet water boards’ water quality objectives in a manner that reduces costs for the regulated community.

We are in the thick of the biggest water-related issues of the day. It was INMR leadership, for example, at the head of California’s statewide Ag-Urban Coalition that worked with local and state governments to develop California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) contingencies for the Bay-Delta Stewardship Council. INRM also helped develop the policy principles governing the management of California’s headwaters to improve water quality and supply reliability on behalf of the state’s largest association of public water agencies.


Familiar Waters, Proven Performance

Well versed in legislative, policy and tactical-implementation issues, our experts have:

  • Negotiated terms for repealing excessive penalties levied by regulators against water agencies in California, saving millions of dollars
  • Developed policy papers addressing the impacts of climate change on water supply reliability, water conservation and water-use efficiency and groundwater management
  • Negotiated revised NPDES permits to allow water agencies and local governments to safely and cost-effectively control invasive species
  • Led coalitions representing agriculture, manufacturing and local government focused on water-quality monitoring and total maximum daily load (TMDL) regulations
  • Worked with the State Water Resources Control Board to develop strategies that address discharges affecting surface and groundwater quality, including perchlorate, hexavalent chromium, arsenic and nitrate
  • Developed an electronic notification system for the California Water Resources Board, simplifying reporting compliance and reducing fines for water agencies
  • Worked with the California Association of Sanitation Agencies and environmental groups  to develop regulations for the use of recycled water that protect the environment and human health

The common theme in advancing projects with potential environmental impacts is leveraging experience in legislative and policy circles, building coalitions focused on positive outcomes, and saving clients money. It is our unique combination of in-depth expertise and broad-based experience that enables INRM to develop integrated solutions that conserve resources, provide economic advantages and pave the way for long-term success.